Sustainable businesses in life sciences and health industry need Science, Intellectual property and market

Specialised in life sciences, we help you make the best decisions by bringing you all the necessary market, scientific, and patent information.

Our bias is clear. Our industry is structured around three pillars: science, markets, and intellectual property. Taking only one side of this trilogy into account can lead to erroneous conclusions. It’s for this reason that we’ve created a company capable of integrating those three dimensions. Our Scientific Committee is one example.

Even though we invest heavily in technologies such as data-mining, databases, and other tools of semantic analysis, we know that the reality of a market is first and foremost on the ground. It’s for this reason that we rely not only on our experience but also a network of more than a hundred experts from around the world. Manufacturers, researchers, practitioners, doctors, they are all at the heart of your work, they are its actors. Thanks to them, we have access, in a privileged manner, to the most pertinent information at the right time.

Our methodologies and our capacity to handle a high volume of data, to organise it, to prioritise it, and to transform it into information and display it, allows us to offer you deliverables that are real tools for decision making.


We do an incredible job, but the most exciting is our clients. It’s for you that we seek excellence, it’s through you that we exist!

Intellisness has been founded by Philippe Fornies, the actual President of the company.

Philippe Started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in a CRO in 1987.

He joined Janssen Biotech in 1990 and then worked for Sigma-Aldrich as the French Country Sales Manager and Sales Support Manager.

In 2002 he decided to found Genaxion, a French and US based company dedicated to the Business Development and Licensing for biotech companies and laboratory suppliers. In 2009, he is one of the co-founder ad Managing Director of Avenium Consulting, a spin-off of the CEA specialised in Intellectual Property Strategy and Licensing. 

With 30 years in the Life Sciences and Health industry, his knowledge of this sector is a fantastic asset for our customers and for Intellisness.

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