Most companies present themselves, explaining why they are the best, why you should work for them, and so on, and so on. They love talking about themselves more than anything else.

Intellisness is different. We think people are of the utmost importance. We believe our company is what we - all together – can build. Each person contributes his or her own differences. That’s why we prefer to talk about you first.

You have a scientific background? That’s a good starting point.

What about your hobbies, your passions? Do you like dancing? Are you an artist? Are you mad about cooking? A climber, or even a terrible singer? Sounds good!

Here, there is so much space for expressing your talent.

You are different? Great! That gives you a unique opportunity to stimulate us. You think out of the box? OMG! You've got it!


Are you looking for a job or an internship? Let’s talk about it. Send us a resume. But please! Not the boring, standard one. No! Something special, surprising, amazing. Something like you.


Tel +33(0)9 72 57 61 44

Le  Concorde,

24 rue Lamartine

38320 Eybens