Custom research

Market Insight

You have to make choices, take strategic decisions, identify themes for development. None of that is possible without a full understanding of your environment: the forces, constraints and opportunities.

We can help you decipher your environment. We can support you in your decision-making.

We unveil mind-blowing insights


Market dynamics:

Market drivers


Key evolving market trends:

Competitive overview
Key players and their strategy
What are the next technologies & products

Our services:

  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis
  • Market forecast
  • Competitive intelligence


IP Intelligence

You want information about intellectual property conditions before investing.

You want to identify the most innovative players, find new partners, or have an overview of the patents in a particular sector. Industrial property is a fundamental issue in the life sciences sector.

We have designed our "IP Intelligence" department to meet your specific requirements.

We bring you a real understanding of patent activities

  • Trends
  • Key players
  • Competitors' technology focus
  • Collaborations


Our services:

  • IP Landscape
  • Competitor analyses
  • Patent portfolio assessment
  • Technology intelligence


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